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In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt was promoting the "Square Deal", Henry Ford was getting the first Model-T into production, and the Wright Brothers were launching the aviation age at Kitty Hawk.

In Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, Ford G. Birchard was starting the Purity Candy Company.

Back then, Mr. Birchard used all natural ingredients, simple machines and carefully tested recipes. He believed that making small batches by hand contributed to Purity's outstanding reputation for quality.

Today, that legacy continues to thrive at Purity under the ownership and guidance of the Burfeindt family. We still use the same recipes, techniques and attention to quality so important in the creation of fine candies. We've also added a few new candies and improved some old ones. But, most important to candy lovers, we haven't compromised Purity's natural, old-fashioned commitment to quality.

We are pleased to continue the Purity tradition and look forward to serving you at our Purity Candy Factory and Stores.

Marge Burfeindt
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We Have Two Great Locations. Please Visit Us. Call 1-800-821-4748 for hours.

We have two store locations to serve you. Both are located in Union County, Pennsylvania.

Allenwood: Route 15, Allenwood PA

Lewisburg: 422 Market Street, Lewisburg, PA

To see where we are in relationship to the rest of Pennsylvania,  Click Here.

Call us for directions. 1-800-821-4748
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