Celebrating 113 Years of Excellence

     Back then, Mr. Birchard used all natural ingredients, simple machines, and carefully tested recipes. He believed that making small batches by hand contributed to Purity Candy's outstanding reputation for quality.

     Today, that legacy continues to thrive at Purity under the ownership and guidance of the Burfeindt family. We still use the same recipes, techniques and attention to quality so important in the creation of fine candies. We've also added a few new candies and improved some old ones. But, most important to candy lovers, we haven't compromised Purity's natural, old-fashioned commitment to quality.



Purity's Exquisite goodness comes from the fresh natural ingredients and fine chocolates we blend to make each piece. Our creams are made with real butter, the richest chocolate and highest quality flavorings. To make our chocolate-covered nuts, we use only the finest walnuts, brazils, filberts, pecans, cashews, and Spanish peanuts. Each one is dry-roasted right in our factory and quickly chocolate-coated for maximum freshness. Peanut clusters and chilcotes are still hand-dipped the old-fashioned way. Only fresh cream and sugar go into our milk chocolate and dark chocolate coated caramels for a rich, chewy treat. And our famous chocolate covered pretzels are made with fresh Pennsylvania-made pretzels.